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The football world cup

So you would like to know more about football? Here are a few rules and stories dess of football: All teams approved by the FIFA start qualification in the qualification mutually. The qualification is delivered in each of the continental federations separately. A certain number is entitled to every continental federation in participants. In addition, some participants are determined in intercontinental meetings. The mode in the qualification tournaments is different from continent to continent. Thus all ten national teams play in the South American zone in a group. Four best teams of the group are qualified for the final, while the fifth-placed national team plays in Relegationsspielen against a North American representative for an other start place. In the other continental federations the participants are also determined in group plays the English football

Association in London began in 1863 with the foundation the time of the organised football. At that time the British empire was the most high-powered nation of the world, it had his bases in the whole world and British ships were to be found in every harbour. This historical specific feature was the basis for the worldwide spreading of the English football rules within one generation. The first plays beyond the British islands
were organised in seaports by British sailors. During the outgoing 19-th century many national federations were founded in Europe and America what allowed for the first time the organisation of international meetings. The first play between representatives of national federations took place on the 30th November, 1872 in London between Scotland and England, the meeting ended torlos. Want you to know something else about the Trophen? Here are a few infos: Since 1974 a trophy sketched by Silvio Gazzaniga – the world championship cup FIFA will award as a successor of the previous Jules Rimet cup – to the winner of the tournament. The challenge cup is 36.8 cm high, weighs 6175 gs and exists of 18-carat gold. The acting football world champion owns the cup merely up to the next world championship and may keep a reply. The teams on the first, second and third place get medallions in each case of gold, silver or bronze.


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welchen star moegt ihr am meisten

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